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This course is divided into three sections: Overview, Task 1, and Task 2


The overview contains detailed information about each task, assessment criteria, and videos to support your learning, and how to improve your band score.

Task 1 & Task 2

The other two sections contain detailed lessons and practice in planning answers to writing tasks for each type of question in Tasks 1 and 2.

The lessons contain step-by-step guidance, with both written and audio tips & tricks, and sample answers for each part of Task 1 (report) and Task 2 (essay).

Each lesson is followed by practice activities packed with useful structures or vocabulary. When the exercises have been completed correctly, the answers should serve as models when you do writing tasks on your own.

The whole module should be completed in a maximum 6 hours.


You should go through this section and sub-sections to get familiar with the types of questions you would actually encounter in your real IELTS test. The sample answer(s) added to each question is to help you generate some ideas on how to approach a question and not for memorising. Instead, you should take note of the vocabulary and grammatical structures used for each type of Task 1 and Task 2 question. 

I do not recommend you memorise the sample answers. Instead of trying to take shortcuts that never work, put in the effort to actually improve your English such as reading and listening to as much as authentic English as possible.

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