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This course is divided into three sections: Overview, Pro tips, and Practice.


This section contains detailed information about the listening module, assessment criteria, and a video to support your learning and how to improve your band score.

Pro Tips

In this section you will find advice to improve your listening skills and attune your year. In this section you will find guidance for each stage of the listening test: before, during, and while listening.

Practice Questions

The final section comprises 13 targets which focus on each question-type you might find in the actual Listening exam. Each task type targets a listening skill. Therefore, each exercise will enable you to analyse the format of each task type, familiarise with it, and provide practice; so you will know exactly what to expect on the day of the exam.

I recommend you do each activity in order, read carefully the instructions for each exercise, and listen to the recordings once only to simulate the exam conditions as much as possible.

You should complete the Listening module in maximum 2 hours.

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