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This course is divided into two sections: Overview and Practice.


The overview contains detailed information about the reading module, assessment criteria, and a video to support your learning and how to improve your band score.


The practice section contains three authentic passages (magazines, newspapers, or journals) which increase in difficulty. Each passage has 3 sections: a warm-up, practice questions, and a follow-up section.


The warm-up section is meant to activate previous knowledge about the passage you will be reading and offers good practice and ideas for the Speaking test.


The practice questions will test each type of reading question you might encounter in the actual exam. Each question will be accompanied by thorough explanations and pro tips to help you make the most of your reading practice.


Finally, the follow-up section is also meant to provide extra practice for the Speaking test. You can practise these questions either alone, recording yourself while you speak, and play it back or you could practise with a friend and they can give you feedback on your performance such as body language, words you may be repeating, or times when your speech is slow.

I recommend you complete the whole reading module in maximum 2 hours and do all the activities in order.

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